Day 15 – “A Couple Of Drinks”

Headed into town for a grand dinner at Debbie’s. It was her mother Phyllis’ b’day and the entire place was wonderfully decked out. Candles and hand painted fairies decorated the table and the place glowed. It was beautiful even before the feast was laid out… then it was almost overwhelming. After a lovely afternoon, and a great dinner the party started to disperse.

Birthday Cakes and Candles

Debbie was looking to keep the evening rolling. She asked Peter & me to go out with her, since everyone else was quietly vanishing into the night. We weren’t sure we were up to a big night, but Colin, Deb’s brother, convinced us that it would be a fairly short evening out. “You should go. She’ll only be up for a couple of drinks” and then somehow managed to scoot home without joining us. That should have been the signal, and yet, I didn’t catch it.

I also seemed to overlook the fact that the last time I went for an evening with Deb, we affectionately named the event Desperately Seeking Debbie

Alexa Clark

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