Day 16 – Home again, home again, clickity click.

Rooster in the Snow

Pancakes at Di’s, lots of telling of tales and carping… or is that karping? Molly got the best I Told You So in: “Well I could have told you that”… “Why didn’t you?”… “You didn’t ask!” Off to the island as quickly as we could and then a nice gentle day at home. Chores and chatting.

Dad & I whipped up some venison stew and “journey bread” for tomorrow’s planned departure. Feeling pretty crappy, but my daddy is looking after me. Tucking me into my chair with a big blanket and serving me nutritious, tasty and healing food.

Peter off for an adventure to Moncton. We got a call from Alma around 6pm, he got distracted with a hike through the ski trails at Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks. He headed up to Moncton for the evening and our trip back to Ottawa is postponed ’til Wednesday. While it was a bit of a surprise, it gave dad and I another full day of nattering… and besides, these allergies are not being my friend… so perhaps it’s best all around. It’s possible Peter planned this to give me more time w/ dad and an extra day of rest… he’s sneaky that way.

Alexa Clark

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