Day 17 – Allergies running amok


Allergies… argh… thank god for Gorge Tea (Traditional Medicinals Throat Tea)… I drank about 6 pots of the stuff while curled up by the fire today. Holding out my little cup to my daddy and looking pathetic. It tastes like BBQ Pork and works beautifully.

However it wasn’t able to make my voice more melodic… singing while “allergies” were striking my vocal chords was not the best choice in the world. I hacked and squeaked my way through a day of blathering on with dad… and finally dad got a word in edgewise… ;-> While I’ll never admit it in public, I’m pretty happy I got to rest today. I’m not sure I could have handled being in the car and driving for 12 hours. It would have been a bit much for me. But don’t tell anyone… they’ll think I was sick… and it’s just allergies… honest! Peter back from Moncton and across the rive around 6:30.

The river was beautiful crossing. No water, just enough snow in the ice to give good traction and not so much he broke through ever step. He arrived just in time to help us finish up the venison stew, sweet potatoes, salad and to sample some of the lovely lovely bread. Though he did comment that the stew was “sharp”… We used 1 prik ki nu in the entire pot… The salad dressing however had at least 2t of hot Hungarian paprika that mom bought me for Xmas last year… oh so tasty and head clearing… Life is rough on the island… I wonder what the rich folk are eating.

Alexa Clark

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