Day 18 – Go West Young Man – Hartland

Off the island around 9am and into the car. It’s always hard leaving home… especially this time when it feels like I was barely there because we were all sick so much. Besides… I couldn’t really have been home. I didn’t have a single nap. Not a SINGLE NAP… the first time ever in my life. Quick stop at the Reversing Falls to see if they were actually doing something interesting yet… they weren’t.

Then on the road again. Off to Hartland for a zip across the world’s longest covered bridge and lunch at the Fiddlehead Pub.

Peter and the Hartland Bridge

Peter had the Halibut special ($5.95) and I had an acceptable Fiddlehead burger, sadly it came sans fiddleheads. Did I ever tell you about dad’s hot pickled fiddleheads that we ate on hotdogs… wow they were good!!

Back on the road around 1:30pm. From there we pretty much drove through arriving at the corner of Fallowfield and W at 11:11pm. I drove about 1/2 the way, which is cool given that Peter’s car is a standard. Only one significant mishap, as we were leaving Hartland… the town of car mishaps. I missed the on ramp to the highway, and needed to do a U-turn. Well, as it turns out, you should step on the clutch when you try and do that… and slow down a bit too. I did neither and it was the only time Peter raised his voice – as we were rushing towards the guardrail over the Saint John River. Such patience. But god was I glad to get back to M&V’s.

The driving and “allergies” had me feeling so very crappy, I was glad to crawl into bed as soon as I got home… and it did feel like home because M&V have made me feel so very welcome.

Alexa Clark

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