Day 21 – Date Night


I worked today and phoned the family. Mom may be coming to visit this week, since it’s March break and I was coordinating the use of Dr. E’s apartment for her visit. Then arranged to hook up with Dr. C & her man – Mr.B, for coffee & and movie. (I’m bad with nicknames… should I use real names or just stick with the initials… hummmm) Dr.C & Mr.B, picked me up and off we went to a Timothy’s for coffee served in big breast shaped coffee mugs… oh come on… just try and tell me that wasn’t what they look like… Then we went to the Coliseum for the movie, Hidalgo.

It was okay, though got a little cheesy around the vision-quest-esque portion. But I couldn’t stand up to the quizzing by Dr.C & Mr.B. When I was asked what I had seen that was cheesier recently I had to admit I’d seen Spy Kids 2 on the Movie Network during yesterday’s sick day. Shock and Awe were the response… followed by horror as I admitted to seeing both Spy Kids and Spy Kids 2 in the theatre. They can’t have known me this long and still believe I have any semblance of high-mindedness… well certainly they don’t believe it any more.

But hey…Mr.B wanted to see Cody Banks #2, and I’ve successfully avoided being sucked into that series in anyway. Found out that Mr.B is a buddy of one of my writers. They went to grad school together and are on an adventure racing team. He’s going to phone and nag her to finish her writing.

Alexa Clark

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