Day 23 – Agoraphobia, not just for Toronto anymore.

So, I guess I don’t have to be in Toronto to get stuck never leaving home. I worked. Then around 8pm when Vith was driving to the sportsplex, she dropped me off at the Leob strip mall where I got lip gunk – SoftLips, the only stuff that works; cream cheese for my bagels; cash for the next 4 days and take out dinner at Wan’s. Dinner was under $10 without a drink. I’d like to try something other than one of their dinner-for-1 fried-rice-&-chicken-ball-combos (#2 with beef & veg) sometime though. They have both open-ended and close-ended egg rolls. I tried to get one of each, but ended up with 2 open ended ones.
Open Ended Eggroll
This open-ended egg roll thing seems to be an Ottawa phenomenon… or more accurately, not a Toronto thing. But they are tastey… I’m just not sure how they stuff them since there is always a little ball sticking out both ends… perhaps a sausage shaped stuffing frozen then wrapped in egg roll wrapper… hummmm. It’s a dense stuffing so I think that would work.

Okay – it wasn’t the smartest thing to be walking around the back short cuts in the dark, when I know there have been swarmings recently… but I needed to get out and I needed a walk.

It was a beautiful night for it. Not to cold, but still crisp. The air was fresh and there was no one else out walking, so plenty of peace and quiet. Vith told me she even saw a deer along here one day. I didn’t… but I had a lovely walk home.

Alexa Clark

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