Day 25 – Movin’ on up… to a D-lux apartment in the sky

Ride in from Mabo and then setup at Dr.E’s. It looks like I will be able to get a direct high speed connection from her house. Zipped over to the Elgin Street Diner for breakfast and to use BoldStreet Wireless to pick up my emails. (Before I realized I could do it from Dr.E’s) I walked in the door at the Elgin Street Diner and was instantly greeted by Nicki giving me grief because I hadn’t been around or in touch – “you just dropped out, no emails, no visits, no news…”

Almost everyone working there came over to ask how and where I’d been. It’s nice to get that kind of reception. The owner’s mother was even talking to me about another book coming out for the Ottawa area that I might be interested in. Hard to believe you get that kind of reception when you’ve been gone for 3 months. It made me feel so incredibly welcome. Quick stop at Jack Purcell to try and pick up a file I left on one of their public use computers… no luck. Big surprise after 3 months… oh well.

Picked up mom at 4:30pm at the bus station and we headed over to the apartment. Dr.E met us there and we nattered on. Mom & Dr.E off to the market for dinner at Bangkok Thai Garden. I met them there after a quick meeting with one of my writers. Then back for a glass of wine at Mr.C’s, then home to crash. Not a green beer in sight on St. Patrick’s Day and since I’m on the road we didn’t exchange the traditional family St. Patrick’s day gift – a green leafy plant.

Alexa Clark

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