Day 26 – Hanging with mom.

Dragged mom off to the Elgin Street Diner for breakfast. Arranged for dinner tonight and then wandered off to Bank street for a bit of a stroll.

Lunch at Ada’s Diner – Hamburger Platter & Club Wrap. Very nice. Then window shopping at Loomis and up to Staples for some supplies. The day was cold, gray and snowy so we headed back to Dr.E’s to spending some nice quiet time together. So quiet in fact, both of us having a little afternoon nap. Mom cut my hair, it looks great… and I didn’t wiggle, much.

Dinner at Trattoria Caffé Italian in Little Italy, where one of the owners greeted us. The owners are 2 brothers, and every time I’ve been there I have been greeted with a beaming smile from Dominic who has always been incredibly charming! We were joined by 2 friends, one of whom is an x-teaching buddy of mom’s. We had a lovely dinner – Gnocchi, 2 orders of Veal Genovese and a Risotto Pescatore. They were all excellent, and we had a wonderful evening of friends and food. Much chatting, chucking and chumming around.

Alexa Clark

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