Day 27 – Northern Pikes


Breakfast at the Mayflower, another restaurant visited.   Peter dropped by to say hi and pick up the WIFI card for a couple of days while I’m staying at Dr.E’s.  Wandered around downtown for a little while looking for a small bag for mom’s additional stuff from yesterday’s Staples run. Grabbed some bus snacks at Boushey’s and then mom headed off on the 2pm bus.  It feels like she only just got here.  A weekend is never enough is it?

Attempted to have coffee with Dr.C, but her meeting lasted 3 hours longer than anticipated.  Wow… she’s working hard these days!  So instead we nattered on the phone at each other, and she invited me to join the gang bowling tomorrow.  Should be suitably silly.

Peter and I went to the Lone Star and see the Northern Pikes, they were opened by a Kingston band, the Rainmakers.  Lots of people dancing and swaying to the music. I looked around and realized this was the oldest crowd I’d ever been with in a bar… they were almost all my age. 

My age and on the prowl… men standing at the edge of the dance floor watching the women shake their booty.  Women parading back and forth from the bar to their friends and back again.  One guy was offensively overt about the whole thing, tracking every woman that walked by him.  Looking her up and down, front and back, then turning to point her out to his friends and either laugh or stare some more and pound each other on the arm.  About ½ way through the evening 2 women joined his group and you could see them wilt a little bit every time he leered or jeered.  I have led a very sheltered adulthood.

Alexa Clark

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