Day 28 – Saturday – Take your cousin bowling – take her bowling.

It was the best of games, it was the worst of games… Dr.C & Mr.B took me bowling today.
Bowling with Dr. C
It was silly fun. Dr.C assured us that she was going to lose, which in fact, she did.  Though she had some stiff competition from me.  One round I bowled 1 on at least 5 frames… yes I said “1” it was not a typo… perhaps a bolo?

We were joined by the Mathematician and the Personal Trainer who spent the morning watching professional bowling in order to come prepared.  After the first game the Bowling Shark showed up… then showed us all up.

We learned a number of things at bowling:

  1. Everyone pays for the lane…
  2. Bowling Sharks make the rest of us look bad… even when they’re trying not too.
  3. Electronic scoring is the way to go for honesty in scoring… but there is little-to-no wiggle room.
  4. It takes 2 PhD’s & 2 IT professionals 5 minutes to figure out how to get back on track if the electronic scoring device decided you bowled when you didn’t.
  5. It is possible to bowl 5 frames in a row and only hit 1 pin each time.
  6. You get a digital Turkey if you bowl 3 Strikes in a row.
  7. There is a very loud, shocking sound if you have a foot fault.
  8. You can never live down a foot fault.
  9. That Gold ball doesn’t really help…  Neither does the pink one, the green one, the black one…
  10. Bowling with a sore back is a bad idea.
  11. Bowling shoes are ugly on everyone.
  12. You can watch professional bowling all morning and still get a gutter ball.

After a lovely afternoon of cheering and jeering,  I got a drive home, had leftovers for dinner and then worked until bedtime.

Alexa Clark

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