Day 35 – Saturday – Don’t quote me on this…

All of 4 hours sleep last night.  I was itching and scratching all night.  My skin was swollen to the point where I couldn’t see the veins on my wrist.  I was unbearably uncomfortable all night and even when I was able to control my scratching… I was still barely coping with discomfort.  Whine whine whine… thank god I was able to stay at Dr.E’s… I could watch TV, have a shower at 3am and move around complaining without bothering anyone.

Breakfast in the back room at the Mayflower… itching.  Okay I really had lunch… but it was good.  Got an Elgin Street Burger. Perhaps my itch was showing because the service wasn’t all that friendly, but the room is wonderfully comfy in the old boys pub style and good was good.

Then to the Elgin St. Clinic – diagnosed with acute… itchiness. Essentially I had an allergic reaction to something unidentifiable, which will likely stay unidentified. Given Reactine for morning and  told to take 50mg of Benydryl every evening.

Went home an rested… cause I’m feeling really crappy and like someone beat me up… oh ya… it was me. argh!

I treated myself to dinner @ Cocina Latina where I had Chicken Rollito & a limonada for dinner – it was great! Not just because I got my favourite sodipop… but the Rollito was very good with large moist chunks of chicken, the rice & beans were excellent – black beans cooked perfectly to blend with the rice.  To top it off the “hot sauce” was great, a lovely salsa verde… slightly creamy and so very flavourful!

Dr.C’s roommate Kine invited me over to play Quotes with a couple of her friends… it’s damned hard!  It took us a good 4 hours to play to completion, and that was even with us jumping over the sports questions.  The funniest part was that I had read one of the quotes on a Celestial Season’s tea box this afternoon… that certainly didn’t help me, I couldn’t guess even with 3 options.

Headed back to Dr.E’s rather than going all the way back to Barrhaven.  I was simply too beat to manage it.

Alexa Clark

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