Day 4 – Family Day

Today was spent talking with my mother, my father and 2 of my cousins – Dr.C and Dr.E. Dr.C has a PhD in Linguistics, and Dr.E has one in Communications. Smart family. Mabo drove me in again then I jumped on a bus to meet Dr.C at a Starbucks. Met, talked, expounded, wandered, postulated and then went our separate ways. A lovely morning. Lunch @ Penan Wok on Bank Street just S of Sunneyside. Acceptable lunch of ginger beef which was fascinatingly odd – made with Japanese pickled ginger and pineapple. Sadly it was more fascinating than good.

Then back to Mabo & Vith’s via OCTranspo.

Recently learned facts about Barrhaven:

  • There have been at least 2 swarmings at Fallowfield Station – about a 10 minute walk from Mabo & Vith’s .
  • In the last 2 weeks there were 2 grow-houses shut down on the same street. Oddly enough, about a 10 minute walk from Mabo & Vith’s .

Interesting. Home to work. Bing Bang Boom – now my wireless is working too… No clue why, but I now have wired and wireless connectivity. Excellent. Dinner from Go4Greek.

Excellent meal for really cheap. They even used red oak leaf lettuce in their greek salad. Now that is classy takeout.

Alexa Clark

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