Day 6 – On The Road Again

We hit the road around 9am after a quick Tim Horton’s breakfast stop on Hawthorne road.

Snow Message "Hi Ger"
Hi Gerry
  • On to Montreal and we missed most of the rush hour traffic, though it was still pretty active at 10:30am.
  • Cool meander through Montreal. Stopping for a brief stint in Westmount. Back to the highway under old stone arches and on old asphalt roads.
  • Through Montreal by 11:30 and only missed one turn off. Pretty impressive for a pair of people easily distracted by shiny things such as… the long bridge in Quebec City (or was that the green bridge?)peter-didgeredo
  • Quick stops for didgeridoo practice, water in and out breaks, and
    driver-swapping. We made excellent time through Quebec. Though some pieces of the TransCanada are pot hole nightmares.
  • Big discussion on the difference between a Fleuve and Riviere near Riviere du Loup. Which built into a discussion on the  differences between brooks, streams, and rivers. No resolution anywhere to be found.
  • Attempted to grab a quick meal on the road in Cabano – failed miserably.
  • Back on the road…
  • Around 7:30 Ontario time – 8:30NB time stopped at the Edmunston fast food strip. Our options quickly diminished as we realized that the “family restaurant” was having a Karaoke night and Dooley’s didn’t serve food. We ended up having dinner @ McDonald’s.
  • Back on the road Peter had to navigate us out of the parking lot since my beginner level abilities to drive a standard were insufficient for the task. Felt like a weenie!
  • Arrived Saint John 11:45pm local time.
  • Welcomed graciously by some woman down the street who gave us the right address for Dimc and Moda… who then welcomed us graciously.
  • Wine, Rum and Dates were consumed by all as a bedtime snack.

Total travel Time approximately 15 hours.

Alexa Clark

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