Day 7 – Crossing, crossing, crossing

We were up early and off to the island around noon. (I did mention the wine, rum and dates didn’t I?) Sledding was good across the river.

Lex took the dogs the final leg to the island, where the entire rig got stuck on an ice/snow hill with the dogs on one side and the sled on the other. Unpack, poked around, sent Peter for a nap and then…

Crossing the river

Back onto the river around 6pm since dad was playing a gig at the Hammond River Angler’s Association. Dropped dad off and headed back to Quispamsis for pizza and salad aka dinner at Angelo’s. Not so oddly enough, this caused us to be 3 songs late for dad & Glen & Scott’s set which started at 8:30pm. I was very disappointed, but was later reassured that it allowed them time to work out the kinks. We did however, arrived in plenty of time to get a beer and sing along to a couple of tunes. Ted & Sue were there and had saved us a couple of seats, right at the back, dead centre and beside the bar. A good time was had by all – including quick jaunts to the parking lot for cold pizza and to hang out with the smokers. A good group of performers including 2 kids (13ish) who played 2 instruments each – and played them very well. Lots of foot stomping and hand clapping. Home by midnight for a dram by the fire.

Alexa Clark

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