Happy Pashmina to you!!!!

Yes, finally, the last full day in Montreal and Gerry found the perfect pashmina for Lexa… how spoiled am I? (Wait! Please don’t answer that!)
Lex napping
There we were, wandering the streets of Montreal, when we came upon a shop filled with wonderful fabric, and The Pashmina!!!Now, while you might think I am napping, I am really just bored waiting for our bl**ping camera to power up for this photo of the all-important Pashmina.

Wing's Noodles

After we fulfilled this quest, we realized we were famished… so off to Chinatown again where we ate at the Chinese Buffet place… not a bad deal at $6.95 for all you can eat.  Especially when you realize you could go there for lunch at 11:30, and just wait around until 4 and have an early dinner.  All for $6.95.  We didn’t try it, but I’ll bet someone has!

We had a late lunch and then hung around killing time ’til we could start calling to see if Sam is home yet.  Ger was pretty sure she didn’t get home ’til 6pm, but we started calling at around 4pm and kept calling.

Also known as – Hey, can we start calling Sam yet?
Lex at Metro Place d'Armes

Lex phoning…“Sam… Sam, where are you? Hey, SAM!!!”

Sam? Oh, Sam, where are you?

Ger & Sam

Found her!  Now straight to dinner
Dinner w/ Sam @ Jano's

HEY! Who gave Gerry that camera????

Yes, we got a little camera happy that last night.
Dinner w/ Sam @ Jano's

It looks like the slightly out of focus cover of a 70’s cookbook. Schlock photography, it’s a new art form.

Lex & Ger

Okay, now give me back my camera!
Dinner w/ Sam @ Jano's
Gerry filled with cheer

Our last night in Montreal. We’ve hauled Sam back out with us, and we’re heading into Jano’s for Portuguese grilled chicken, fries, and (you guessed it)… BEER.

Dinner w/ Sam @ Jano's

I’m having the chicken dinner. What about you? Me, too. Me, three!!!!

Dinner w/ Sam @ Jano's

Better than French. Better than Belgian. Portuguese fries rock.
Portuguese Chicken

What to have? What to have?

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