Blew Jay

Back for less than a week and already I’m back on the water, thanks to Paul and the Blew Jay.  Paul has been inviting me (recruiting me?) for years now, and I’m finally able to get my ass out of the office and see what it’s all about. 

We race every Thursday night and for the most part my role on the boat is ballast. 

To quote Paul "you say ‘ballast’ as if it’s not an important role"… to quote Gerry teasing me "does this bra make me look like ballast?"  To quote me "geeze you get a lot of bruises being ballast!"

I’m learning a lot about what not to do, and a little about what to do.  My biggest challenge is getting the terminology down… is it a ‘spinnaker’, a ‘chute’, or a ‘kite’, and please lord don’t say it’s all 3 ’cause I still don’t have the sheets vs halyards vs lines and jibing vs tacking vs duck-you-fool-duck.

Photo-grabs taken while on the boat have their own photo album to protect the innocent.

Alexa Clark

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