How’s Jim.

I have to say – this sucks.  Dad has had a mild stroke and I’m back in New Brunswick again. 

He’s doing amazingly well.

Luckily it is a mild stroke and it looks like dad should be able to recover almost everything.  The primary impact is on his expressive communication, so I am spending 10 hours a day at the hospital working with him. 

CLICK HERE to see photos of good stuff – friends, islands, flowers, and dad recovering.

[05/07/09 — Note – the original photo album has been removed… so some of the original photos are no longer available and there are some winter photos mixed in.]

We got a weekend pass and went home over the weekend.  Dad didn’t need me and being home made a huge difference in his energy and his speech as he relaxed in his chair and started yarning.

He’s back in the hospital until Thursday morning and then home again.  We’re attempting to get an at-home INR Monitor  so he can more frequently monitor his blood thickness… and hopefully never have any of this stuff happen again!

All in all dad got off lightly, and we are well aware of how lucky we are about it.

Click to see the photos.

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  • June 14, 2005 at 10:45 pm

    hope he is getting better. tell him fin says “Hi” and gow-g is spelt ‘gauge’.


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