Holland in Kingston

After a wonderful brunch with Baba, I am answering the “command performance” call from my mother to get my laptop to K’ton for the weekend.  My aunt is visiting from Oegstgeest.

In the interest of familial harmony, I am missing the BBQ at Casa Frame’Ehm and a goodbye bash for Miss Rogue. This will hopefully not cause any friend-ilial disharmony.

In the interest of packing light, I have stuffed my suitcase with menus, restaurant profile, cables and plugs.  I did get some clothes in there – wrapped around the delicate electronics – but one must always keep one’s eye on the prize.  In this case the prize is another outstanding book, and evenings off while producing it.

Bus Mecca

Sadly my traveling buddy can’t come with. But he is in retreat, so me being on the road will certainly support his vow of silence.  At least for the weekend.  He will be missed.   He is, in fact, being missed right now as I listen to Lionel Ritchie in the bus station.

Your  challenge? Name the Lionel Ritchie tune with the lyrics “… who makes my life a foolish game…”

Alexa Clark

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