Dove wants you!

As mentioned before Dove is running a wonderful campaign promoting "Real Beauty".

In this weekend’s paper, Gerry found the following:


It’s a casting call for still photos ads for Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. Call before Sept 13 – Karyn Fine or Nicky at Real Enough Casting – 416.224.0001. Karyn was also involved in casting "Sex Toys &Chocolate".

Given that after the weekend, Karyn’s voice mail is too full to take my call – it seems like there are more of us out there than mainstream advertiser’s will admit. Nice to see!!!!

Sadly, they don’t want me…

when the voice mail pile got small enough to take more calls they had updated the message to state that the response was so big that we shouldn’t expect a callback.

For a campaign about beauty, I was surprised that one of the questions we had to answer in our voice mail was "is there a part of your body you obsess about?"

I would have thought they would ask a more positive question like "what part of your body is the most beautiful?"

Alexa Clark

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