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As you know from reading “No Cameras In Tim’s” I had a little run in with the behind the counter staff at my local Tim Hortons, which triggered me to contact their customer service and ask about their “No Cameras in Tim Hortons” policy.

My comments have triggered a few others to comment both on the issue photographers face with “public” photography and the service at this particular Tim’s (located at the corner of Carleton & Jarvis for those of you interested in either checking it out, or avoiding it.)

Since my initial blog post, I have been contacted by Tim’s twice since my last posting.  In short:

“As per your question, there is not chain-wide policy that prohibits cameras in our stores.”

In long, I got a nice email from someone at head office on Sept 19th telling me that there is no policy to restrict cameras in Tim’s and that if I forwarded contact details they would have the manager get in touch with me.

In the interest of what would happen next, I did just that.

I was called by the manager on Sept 23rd.  The primary focus of the call was to find out when I was in and who had done the deed.

Pretty anticlimatic. Not even a free timbit… but then again, I was asking a question.

So there you go: Cameras are ALLOWED at Tim’s.

Alexa Clark

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2 thoughts on “Tim’s Response…

  • September 30, 2005 at 6:06 pm

    Oh, no, of course not… sorry about the confusion.
    I contacted them, I posted, blog conversations started, time passed, they responded to my initial email… but never ever to any of the blogosphere activity… not even the discussion over at Deadrobot of the “worst timmy’s ever”
    Sorry about misrepresenting them. ;->


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