Happy Solstice To All and To All A Good Feed.

It is finally here.  The day I talk about all year round.  The event I missed most of all!!!
It’s time for the

So here is the plan for this evening:

  • Meet @ 5:30 in front of Oishi Kada (on the west side of Augusta between College & Oxford)
  • Come with:
    • Hats, gloves, scarves, and layers, lots of layers.
    • A light sources – candle, lantern, glow sticks. (no flashlights please.)
    • A noise makers – drum, maraka, tamborine, pots & pans, spoons, a can & a stick.
  • Share any extra light sources, noise makers and clothing layers with those who came unprepared.
  • At 6pm, we start banging our drums and spreading light as we wind our way through Kensington watching fire eaters, jugglers, choirs, puppetiers, dancers, bands, and winter soltice stories  from across the world. (www.redpepperspectaclearts.org)
  • Get really cold, silly and kind of punchy as we make our way to Bellevue Park.
  • Watch some or all of the huge bonfire celebration and then…
  • Go to House of Gourmet for a big feed of hot, yummy dinner.  (where we will meet any late comers, lost folk or stragglers left behind.)

Hope to see you there, or on route, or at dinner afterwards.

just look for the woman grinning ear to ear and trying not to giggle too much.

Happy Solstice To All and To All A Good Feed!!!

Alexa Clark

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