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Gotta say “Get the HELL out of my parking spot!!”

We happily let people use our parking spot – if they ask.

If they don’t, well… let’s just say I get a little territorial.

For about 3 weeks now, this car has been parking in my spot after I’m settled for the night, leaving before I’m dressed,

So, Saturday morning, early, I scooted down stairs and left the note you see on the car:
You don’t have permission to park here. Please find somewhere else to park, or we will have your car towed.”

There are 10 parking spots behind my building and 5 “Private Parking – You will be towed” signs… so it’s not like I even had to leave a note myself. But I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a friend who just forgot to ask me.

So… that was Saturday morning, the car was gone Saturday afternoon… but back Sunday morning, without the note.

I wonder how this guy is going to get to work on Monday.

(boy, it’s nice to have a blog to vent on.)

Alexa Clark

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One thought on “Territorial

  • February 6, 2006 at 10:52 am

    Great News – They’ve moved over 4 spots, and I don’t have to tow them! Of course, the owner of that spot might have to.


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