The Trouble With Global Warming – 50 Paces Project

Did I tell you about my scheme to build a floating photo installation for my dad for Xmas?

The scheme involves people from across the world submitting photos taken every 50 paces from their door to 2000 paces away, any and all directions.  Then hanging photos along the ice path from the island to the shore on the trees marking the path every 50 paces.

Using a group of people from Toronto to Germany have submitted photos of their neighbourhoods 50 paces at a time in preparation for this year’s installation.

However, this year the ice sucked! In fact, no path was ever established because the river was uncrossable for most of the time from November to March. And while dad was able to cross, restock and join in on a couple of jam-nights, what ice there was is now on it’s way out.

So, we have an extra 9 months to build the photo set from around the world exploring what’s 50-2100 paces from your door, for the 50 Paces Project – a floating photo installation on a frozen river path. BTW – 50 paces is about 100m, so I find useful for figuring out if a photo fits in.

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Here are links to the photos in the collage above – some of the photos I’ve taken 50-2200 paces from my door for the project.
1. Stony Faces, 2. Robert Gourlay & Coriander., 3. Entertain, 4. Olive, 5. Yum!, 6. Cheeses, 7. Many Splendid Things, 8. Mustard, 9. Sandw, 10. Taxi, 11. Pvblic, 12. Dumpling, 13. 50 Paces – Path To Shore, 14. Bang, 15. Peppers, 16. Allen Gardens, 17. Wall Art, 18. Portraits in the Park?, 19. Where?, 20. 700 Paces West, 21. Ry Hi, 22. 8am-11am, 23. Watching, 24. Doors, 25. Limonata, 26. Feeder, 27. Up On The Rooftops, 28. Up On The Rooftops, 29. Brussel Sprouts, 30. Amber Honey, 31. Queen Street, 32. Local Traffic Only, 33. Still Life On Table, 34. Ducks In A Row, 35. Ornaments, 36. Rib Dinner.  Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Alexa Clark

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