Less Holy Cr**p, More Phew!

I just got a voice mail from a friend who just read the original HOLY CR**P posting and wanted to know where things stood.  Were the cops right? Was this message actually for me?  Had I, somehow, stepped over that line of restaurant reviewer to death threat receiver? Was I OK? 

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The answers to those questions – no, no, no, yes. Or a with a bit more detail:

When I was in Ottawa, a Kingston police officer phoned to ask me a couple more questions.  Again predicated on the possibility that the threats were actually directed at me.  (With the requesite: "why do you think it wasn’t for you?" argh!)

The phone number my cell registered was for a boarding house on the other side of town, on a street I don’t know and answered by someone I’ve never heard of.  The people at the boarding house weren’t all that helpful (now there’s a surprise), and so the incident is filed in case anything else happens.  Which I seriously doubt.

All in all, a happily anticlimactic end game.  Yay!

Alexa Clark

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