Rain Drops [Day 7]

Ger is here and today will be a flurry of activity:
Drop Focus

  • Shopping for Easter dinner – which involves the traditional “What will lex cook for us this feast day?” game, in which mom and Ger cruise John’s for a nice piece of meat for me to roast or barbecue. Then I must find a way to prepare it.
  • The ritual holiday trip to Chez VV (that’s Value Village for those of you who have not had the pleasure)
  • At least one round of “What do you mean gravy AND cheese sauce”, in which mom lays out the serving dishes in advance for all the items we are preparing, and some how there is alway one dish – usually cheese sauce – which gets overlooked. Or from mom’s perspective… she was never told about.
  • And the traditional, “oh no, I thought we weren’t doing presents this time. But you have one for me? Ack. Let’s go to John’s. I’ll take the first aisle, you take the second and gifts will be of the exotic food variety.”Ah, I love our family traditions.: “I love wet mornings.”

Alexa Clark

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