Run Gerry Run

We had a wonderful weekend driving about in our “free” rental car, exploring the outreaches of Toronto as if we were on a road trip across Ontario. Well, except for the heavy multi-cultural nature of many of the food stops we made.

We started with Bayview Village where we tested out Groucho Burgers, Cobbs Bakery – which was all a buzz for some reason we couldn’t figure out, and Nunzio’s Fine Foods.  After wandering about in the rain a bit, and finding Thorpe Toy’s Corkers at Flying Dragon, we progressed north from there to deliver some books to Chapters/Indigo in Bayview Village – the mall and then kept heading north, and further north, and then some more north, til the air got thin and we got light headed, and we arrived at The Galleria!!!!

Shopping at the Galleria

On Yonge north of Finch the Galleria is a treat!  First discovered because while James and I were lunching at Deulac one day, intent on finding cheapeats swag bag stuffers, we noticed these cool tubes in the coffee & tea basket.  Have you seen the little paper tubes of sugar that some illy coffee stores offer instead of small pillows sackets of sugar?  If not… give up now.  If you have, these are about twice the size and filled with instant coffee, coffee creamer and sugar – in that order.  So you open one end and pour out the amount of what you want into your cup and top with hot water.  I HAD to have them for the swag bags, so we asked and were directed to the Galleria.  When we got there we realized those coffee tubes aren’t even close to the coolest thing at the Galleria!! Not even close

Korean Sides

So when Gerry and I finally made it up there, it was one of our longest stops on Saturday and it was a blast! It’s a gianormous Korean superstore with food vendors set up out front selling roasted corn and waffle fishies. The fishies are stuffed with red bean paste, like the walnut cakes you can get in Koreatown, but they are bigger and made on a manual waffle iron where each fishy gets hand-flipped. I’ve very very tempted to go back with a jar of nutella and get them to whip me up some nutella fishies – YUM!

Inside it’s like a Loblaws superstore, Korean-style (though I haven’t been to Korea, so I’m speculating.)  But imagine a grocery store, with fresh Korean sides available ’til 10pm, a bakery, fish and meat, veg, a cosmetics area, small appliances, a food court, and little boutiques near the doors.  It rocks!  We were there for hours.  I spent a good 15 minutes watching a “Magic Popper” create and explode rice cakes – no success with the photo sadly.


Sunday was equally eventful, but I’ve run out of time… so very quickly:

We brunched, delivered books and explored the Beach on Sunday morning, which is where the splash photo came from.

Then headed up to Scarborough for a late lunch at the Hopper Hut for the Hopper Combo #2 – 1 milk hopper, 1 egg hopper, 2 plain hoppers and onion sambol; and a Mutton Lamprie. Oh boy.

I returned the car this morning, and will be starting our next “free” car rental adventure next Thursday. I love reward coupons.

Alexa Clark

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