Toronto Squared

After months and months of hanging out with photographers, there is finally an exhibit at a cheapeat!!!!

Rannie Turingan, aka photojunkie, has an exhibit called Toronto Squared at le Petit Dejeuner

Photography by RANNIE TURINGAN
Le Petit Déjeuner
191 King Street East.
April 29th – June 6th

Toronto is a city of a million stories, some told, many hidden. Over the years, Rannie Turingan has captured this by seeking out inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. Through his lens he uncovers a patchwork of scenes from the everyday, often dismissed by society. In Toronto Squared, he presents you with his view of the city, one square at a time. Turingan has been involved in several group exhibitions. Though this is his first solo exhibition, Turingan displays work on a daily basis on his award-winning site, He is also the founder of the Toronto Photoblogging community. This exhibit also coincides with the launch of “Cityshoots”, a year long exhibition showcasing work by Toronto photobloggers at Le Petit Déjeuner.

OPENING Saturday April 29, 2006
4:30 – 7:30PM: ""

Alexa Clark

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