Doors Open @ Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple

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This weekend marks the 7th Annual Doors Open  across Toronto – “one weekend, once a year – when over 140 buildings of architectural, historic or cultural significance open their doors to the public for a city-wide celebration. “

If you are out and about consider dropping by Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple.  Gerry will be there greeting and guiding visitors through the temple.  If you are lucky he might even blow the big-horn-I-don’t-know-the-name-of for you.

The statues in this temple are exquisite and many of them have been hand crafted at the temple.  It was a wonder to watch them progress from grey lumps into golden buddhas and lamas.  Their beauty and craftmanship are well worth the visit even if you aren’t looking for a little buddhism in your day.

If you bring your camera, make sure to ask a temple guide before taking photos.  Given some of the Tibetan history there sometimes is a heightened sensitivity to photography in and around the temple.

From the Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple site

May 27 (Saturday) and 28 (Sunday) 10 am–4 pm — 7th Annual Doors Open Toronto (2006)

Our Temple doors are opening to welcome the public when the DOORS OPEN TORONTO celebration of architecture and history takes place throughout the city. The highlights of your visit will include volunteer guides to talk about the special features of a Buddhist shrine and the traditional Buddhist ritual instruments. Come visit us and browse through the outdoor bazaar, enjoy our “momo plate” at the outdoor cafe. Inside the Riwoche Temple Store you will find a wonderful selection of items to support a meditation practice. 

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