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The weekend went by in a flash. Perhaps it was the beautiful weather. Perhaps it was the bike riding. Perhaps it was the full schedule of cultural activities that left me wondering, where did my weekend go.Royal York Filigree

But it was fun!

Saturday we jumped on our bikes for breakfast at the market, a matinee at the theatre (okay the Rainbow Theatre matinee showing of American Dreamz), and then off to Rannie’s opening. 

I loved the fact that Toronto Squared is showing at . It was like two of my worlds colliding… with cocktails! One of my favourite brunching spots was filled with fans. The opening was a hip-happening. That’s RockStar Rannie over to the left. Note how he cavalierly stirs his drink, oblivious to the grasping hands reaching to get a touch of his magic. Exposed.

Rannie’s photos are great and he did a great job selecting the images he included in the show. If you haven’t had a chance to swing by yet,  it’s definitely worth the visit, but make sure you go upstairs to the new dining room to see all of the photos.Eggy Fried Bread

Alexa Clark

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