Review: Home Run

Home Run by Paul Kropp  [Doubleday Canada]
Reviewed by PRCS

This was an enjoyable and quick read. Although aimed at the teenage market 14+, I would say 16-18 would be a better age group for this novel as some descriptions contain rather adult content.

This book is a follow-up to Running the Bases which I have not read. The story takes place in Canada.  Alan Mackin has started his first year of uni, saying adieu to his old
home life with his parents and  their restrictions.  But the university world is more complex then ever.

He becomes good friends with his very religious roommate Kirk who
is very different in every way from Alan. His ex girlfriend Margaret
becomes a kind of agony-aunty via email! He has various adventures with
his friends including spring break in Mexico…

This story takes an unexpected twist in the end, you will have to read this book for yourself to find out what happens!!

Would like to read more of Paul Kropp’s books, he has written over 50 books for parents/teens/younger readers.

This book is an Advanced readers copy/uncorrected proof 208 pages
published on high grade bright white paper the words really stand out.
Release date Oct 2006.

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