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miniBook Expo for Bloggers ReviewThe Wild Girl by Jim Fergus  [Hyperion Books]
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This book was a wonderful reading from start to finish.  Takes place during the depression in 1930’s American midwest, it is the story of a young Apache girl ‘la nina bronca’ who was so wild the hunter who found her in the caves, bought her in to town put her in jail.  Curosity got the better of local people so the sheriff charged admission for people to come and see her.

Although certain historical events are in this book, everything is a
work of fiction i.e. The Great Apache expedition which is basically the
story before the capture of
la nina branca.

Much of the novel is
narrated from the perspective of Ned Giles who kept notebooks and was a
photographer/photojournalist for the expedition. He travels with a
group of people and he retells his experiences about the Apaches and
various other members of the group in this story. Descriptions in some
parts of book rather gruesome.

This story could almost be a biography. Jim
Fergus has used many books in his research to recreate a brilliant
portrait of the 1930’s midwest that seems so real in the mind of the
reader. I would like to have a chance to read more of his books. ONE
THOUSAND WHITE WOMAN is the 1st book he wrote. He also has written 2
nonfiction books and is well on the way to his 3rd novel.

I would recommend this book to others ,this is one I will keep in my
collection. This book includes a reading group guide and special
interview with the Author

Total pages: 348


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