Roadmaster Away.

Road Masters Away!

The trip started with a little Ger-retrieval at 5pm in the centre of the Financial District.Seen above is Japor’s Roadmaster(tm) – our ride to NB.  It’s a huge car with plenty of packing space. We used it ALL up.  Jamming a couple of coolers, luggage, island gear, books and a big-ass generator into every available square inch that Roadmaster could muster up.

Then we wedged ourselves into the air pockets remaining. Travel Bunny safely setup on the dash, we winkled our way out of the Toronto rush hour traffic.

Friday 5pm Traffic ARgh

We made decent time through the city and out onto the highway for our drive through the night.

Ungodly early, somewhere before Riviere de Loup, or “Wolf River” as my unhelpful friends keep calling it, the sun came up on our little adventure.

Ungodly Early

It just looked so cool passing the small town churches, fields and coast line in the sunrise that I couldn’t help myself. I was click-click-clicking the camera like a mad, and awake, woman. Luckily I wasn’t driving that stretch.

Bunny In Charge

It was, however, the last straw for the camera batteries, which proceeded to cough and lay down exhausted for 3 days.

Without batteries, my photojourney ended abruptly but we still drove on happily until Edmunston. After breakfast in a little family restaurant overlooking the water, we hopped back in the car and started yelling at each other.
Roadside Sunrise

No, breakfast hadn’t made us grumpy, we just had to yell to be heard over the motorcycles revving their engines all around us and the music.There were no motorcycles anywhere to be seen, and  we realized we had been inching up the volume on the music all night just to hear it over the unhappy Roadmaster exhaust manifold.

Only 4 more hours of driving to go. Earplugs anyone?

Alexa Clark

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