7 days 4ways

Now I’m home, my days are a little less photogenic, so I’ll be moving to 4WayWeeks.
I want THIS one
Burrito & Enchiladas

Cow Building Aboveground

Last weekend, we spent plenty of time on our bikes, yay!  This included heading down to Harbourfront to check out the Quay to the City.

For a kilometre, one lane of Queen’s Quay was transformed into a bike path lined with geraniums and grass.  At the York Street end there was a huge archway built out of bikes.  The general response to the event has been that it’s “great for bike riders” and disappointing for the rest.

Less than 72 hours after I got home, we had mom arrive to claim the couch. The remainder of the week was filled with wandering about looking at art, shopping and recovering.

We had a great visit, some great food, and it was almost as if I had a vacation.  Cool!

Alexa Clark

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