Lex, go to the Ex.

Lex Go To The Ex

I just got an email from the Ex (for non-Torontonians that’s the Canadian National Exhibition or CNE), promoting their 5 after 5 deal.

Tuesday through Thursday we can go to the Ex for $5 after 5pm.

The Ex for $5. That rocks!

And makes the Food Building an even better deal. Who goes to the Ex before 5pm anyway?!?

The email is saying “Lex, go to the Ex!”, and I’m listening.

Note — “To get your Five after Five CNE ticket on Tuesday (Aug 29th), Wednesday (Aug 30th) or Thursday (Aug 31st), visit any of the CNE ticket booths.This special offer is NOT available online or at GO Transit Stations. “

Alexa Clark

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One thought on “Lex, go to the Ex.

  • September 4, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    Sorry for the OT comment, but I had to share (although I don’t know why): last night I dreamt that the next Bick’s “Alien” Pickle commercial had made it to air … but that I missed most of it. So not only has it taken over my sleep, but I can’t even get my subconscious to give it to me whole!
    Sigh. Oh well. The current (“Backyard”) commercial is still airing, so I doubt the next one has been released yet.


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