My Day in Hull – 4 Ways

Waiting For Ages  Fetes et festival

Merde il Pleut!  The $20 Game

I was able to keep it to 4 ways primarily because, as the umbrellas says, “Merde il pleut.

Well, that and the “Character of the day” lady who chatted through my entire breakfast.   More on that later.

Yesterday was my Day in Hull, in my attempt to do a different neighbourhood every day.

The rain started as I hit the Farmer’s Market on rue Laval, which was very interesting and wet. You’ll just have to imagine the nuns selling baked goods in black habits with close fitting headdresses with a little red cross in the centre o the forehead and the beautiful bunches of red, yellow and white carrots.

But since il pleut, I didn’t get to check everything out I had planned, so I’ll just have to hit Hull again for cinq a sept next week.

On the way back to the bus I saw a SAQ. And since I’m off my meds, I can have wine, so I zipped in for a round of the $20 game.

Then, as I was waiting for a bus to bring me back to dry land, I was contacted by Tom Collins from Ottawa The News EMC.  The interview/article is going to print Friday and should be available around town next week.

Alexa Clark

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2 thoughts on “My Day in Hull – 4 Ways

  • August 11, 2006 at 10:52 am

    Sounds like an interesting day!

  • August 11, 2006 at 11:08 am

    Oddly enough, it was the least eventful day so far. Mainly because I spent the afternoon at home working. But I had wine with dinner, so that made me a happy happy girl


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