7 days 4ways

Shopping Week 4Ways Now I’m home, my days are a little less photogenic, so I’ll be moving to 4WayWeeks

Last weekend, we spent plenty of time on our bikes. Yay!  This included heading down to Harbourfront to check out the "Quay to the City"

For a kilometre, one lane of Queen’s Quay was transformed into a bike path lined with geraniums and grass.  At the York Street end there was a huge archway built out of bikes.  They had canoe & kayak lessons in the fake-lake behind the Harbourfront centre and Adirondack chairs lining a portion of the boardwalk. The general response to the event has been that it’s "great for bike riders" and disappointing for the rest. 

Less than 72 hours after I got home, we had mom arrive to claim the couch. The remainder of the week was filled with wandering about looking at art, shopping and recovering.

We had a great visit, some great food, and it was almost as if I had a real vacation.  Cool!

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