QotD: Is This Thing On?

When was the last time you had to speak in front of a group?  How did you feel?

The last “public speaking” I did was on July 28th as part of a CBC panel hosted by Jian Ghomeshi on Sounds Like Canada. We were discussing Street Meat.

In Bangkok, there are the satay shacks. In Hong Kong, the noodle stands. In Mexico City, the freshly made tacos. It seems that no matter where you travel in the world… quality street meat beckons. But not here. Not in Canada. Ours is a country where – on that late night walk home
after a night of drinking and dancing – it’s often a hotdog… or nothing. Jian Ghomeshi speaks with a panel of street meat afficianados to discuss the current plight of Canada’s curb-side cuisine.

I was on the panel Mark Busse, a food blogger (In The Kitchen) from Vancouver, and Matthew Gibbon a donair & dog aficionado from Halifax.

I was really excited about the topic, and the opportunity.  I had a great chat with Scott, the producer, about street foods, how and what is available in Toronto, traveling, my experiences with street food and by extension street meat… I really enjoyed the pre-interview, I was insightful, charming and bouncy. Which was surprising since I’d been very sick for almost 2 weeks at this point.

However, and you should have known there was a “however” coming, I was no where near as sparkling, witty or on the ball in the actual interview.  Partially because I over-prepared, partially because I overdid it and was completely beat by the time we were recording the interview, and partially because… well… between you and me and the blog… I took it too seriously and it showed.

Mark and Matthew carried me… and for that I thank them. (and sent them books)

So, how did I feel?  Crappy, depressed, despondent, and sick.   And like I wasted a  great opportunity to have fun and chat about food.

Now, after all that, if you still want to hear it you can.  But as Joy’s mother says “don’t you judge me!”: Street Meat (runs 17:33)

Alexa Clark

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