4 Ways My New Cell Kicks Ass!

Just before heading to the cottage I picked up my brand new cell phone from the folks at Matchstick.4 Ways My New Cell Kicks Ass!

  1. it was free. Rannie hooked me up as part of a blogger’s buzz marketing promotion from Matchstick. Free! Now that kicks ass!
  2. it has a built in 1.2M camera. I know, everyone has one now… but did your phone take a video of Tiny Tom’s donuts at the Ex? Mine did.
  3. all my other tech toys that are all metalic grey, but my new cell phone has a really slick and sophisticated pearlized cover that’s kind of pinky-beige. It makes me feel all girly.
  4.  it came with serious toys:
    • a blue-tooth headset that clips on my ear and makes me feel like a borg (yes, a girly-borg),
    • two sets of earphones (one white, one slate grey) that make it possible to listen to music (yes, it plays music too) and also have a phone conversation using the same earphones!
    • an extra 512M of memory so I can take over 800 photos, or over an hour of video, or… well, really, the possibilities are endless.
    • software that will let me blog, read PDFs, Word docs, and syncs w/ Outlook… so it essentially replaces the Palm that died on me 4 months ago. Okay, okay, it’s WAY more integrated than my palm was.
    • OH, and the plug has a piece of velcro permanently attached so the cables will never have to get tangled again. They will get tangled, they just don’t have to.

I’ve only just started playing with the features, but the week at the cottage will give me plenty of time to dig into the blogging and web access features. The manual says it’ll work as a wireless modem too… so perhaps internet on the island is now a possibility?

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Alexa Clark

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  • November 3, 2007 at 7:40 pm

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