Happy Monkeys Tonight.

Nicked straight from deadrobot.com:

It’s in the trees! It’s coming! You’re just seven days HOURS away from our troupe’s first golly-gosh performance of Happy Monkeys: It Came From the Danforth. Come out and see some pretty darn cool improv comedy (or the equivalent of a momma bird shove all her babies out into the world) hosted by long time improv trooper Gord Oxley (Bad Dog Theatre, Comedy on the Danforth) and starring a cast of tens.

 It’s located at The Victory Cafe and starts at 8pm. The show is Pay What You Can (get a pop/beer/body shot! We need to impress the bar manager) so bring all those pennies and nickels from the hall ashtray.

It’s a good reason to head on over to The Victory Cafe (CETO pg.150) for a Victory Burger or one of the kitchen’s daily specials. They have an excellent touch with fish. Sunday night improv is a great way to start your week. Good, bad or just outragous, you have something to talk about Monday morning round the coffee machine.

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One thought on “Happy Monkeys Tonight.

  • September 18, 2006 at 5:42 pm

    DAMN! I totally missed it.
    However, Dead Robot will be back on stage @ the Victory on Oct 15th and Friday @ the Bad Dog.


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