Decades of LexI got a note from a friend recently that essentially asked me why I was making him bounce around between and to read what I’m blogging.  He suggested, strongly, that I pick one and route everyone else to it.

It’s great knowing that anyone wants to read me enough to chastise me for making it difficult.  And I’ve been wrestling with this myself, so his points are well taken. However there are some factors that keep me waffling: (beyond my affection for waffles)

Vox keeps me coming back because:

  • it’s so damned easy to use.  Posting is easy. Commenting is easy. Everything is all tied together automatically. 
  • Vox is free (at least so far).
  • Vox is setup to let you easily track the comments people leave for you, and the comments you leave for others (like a fully integrated cocomments)
  • Building a network of readers and commenters is so easy. My friends are joining and starting to blog.  And people are leaving comments!  All the time… it’s quite seductive.

  • is more open.  Anyone can leave a comment. Anyone can do a trackback. I love the potential for interaction this provides… and it opens up things like the mini-Book Expo to everyone.  Sure, I don’t get a lot of comments… but lots of people are reading. I know because I can check the stats.
  • Typepad makes it easy to customize and add new sidebar content. I can cross-promote my work blogs, my friends events, and even include javascript in the sidebars.  I can even link to my books without having to wrangle w/ Amazon. 

So what to do? What to do? 

For now, I’m going back to posting primarily here, and using Vox as a centralized summary blog of all my postings – personal (, QotD (vox space), CETO ( and CEOT (

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Alexa Clark

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