QotD: Middle Name

What’s your middle name?  Is there a story or history behind it?

My middle name is Elizabeth.  My mother’s middle name is Elizabeth and I always have loved the connection we’ve had because of this little tiny thing.  Elizabeth is also a family name on my father’s side, his great-grandmother “wee grannie” was named Elizabeth Anne.

My parents said they named me after family, but picked names that would give me as much flexibility in what I wanted to be called as possible.  Pretty cool parents.

Thanks to them you can call me Lex, or you can call me Alexa, or you can call me Liz, or you can call me Betty, or you can call me Sandy, or you can call me Beth or you can call me Liza, but don’t call me Alex… that’s a boy’s name.
L'il Lexa

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