Quit Trying So Hard

I’ve been inspired by a friends-only post by angelanoel to share with all of you the posts which have garnered me the most hits, comments and attention on my unsweetened blogs.

I think these postings exemplify the value of not “trying too hard.”

In order of hits and/or comments by post:

He's In MY Fridge

Plight of the Pickle
This is by far my most popular post.  Causing Kate to start YouTubing, and Paul to start commenting.  It’s the first in a series of posts about the Bick’s Pickle Alien whose appearance in the fridge cause me to burst out laughing every time I saw him.  His 2nd report, from a tree overlooking a barbeque was sadly much less entertaining.  Perhaps he had just distanced himself too far from his subject.  Or was trying to hard.

Knit One

Knit With Me
a very quick rushing out the door photo&post from my phone about knitting which got highlighted by Vox  and generated tons of comments  Now I have a whack of knitters reading, watching, waiting for more knitting posts which will likely never come again.  It’s okay, I handed them links to knitty.com, Creampuff’s hairy sack and Margo Tinto’s blog which has lots of cute shots of her adorable kid in knitted stuff.

Little Blue Pill

Little Blue Pill, Baby I Love You
This was my most popular post until the Pickle Alien. A coincidence? Written while heavily medicated on little blue cold pills, this post has gotten me more than my fair share of men looking for assistance.  But not with a cold, if you know what I mean. They never leave a comment, but I know they’re out there.  That’s what stats are for.

Elexa on the sweetspot
This post was triggered by a promotional email from sweetspot.ca after a trip to Shopper’s where I found a sex product that just happens to be named like me.  Like the little blue pill posting, I got tons of hits on this post, but they never, ever,  leave comments.  Elexa has a blog now, I wonder if they have an afflilate program.

Not that I think these are my best posts, or even my most provocative. All of these were whipped off quickly, with barely a thought to what I was putting in type.  Bing, bang, boom, they’re popular.

Because it’s more often than not the quick quips, natural language and first reactions we include in the under edited posts that catch people’s eye… or google’s.

You’d think, that occasionally, we’d get credit for the effort we put into carefully crafting a post.  But sadly, no.  The posts I’ve spent hours crafting, carefully wording, considering nuance, scansion and implications… they get completely ignored.  No one even reads the second half.  I mean, really, are you still reading?  I didn’t think so.

So, what are the most popular posts on your blog?  Add your links people, Lexa wants a little fun reading while she’s editing.

Alexa Clark

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