#66 Keeping Track aka Posting By Numbers

ChaoticBefore you read this post, I just want to point out that I am aware I am totally dialing-in this post, but it’s 11:39pm and I have a deadline. So it is what it is. Hey, at least it is.

So far in the No One Cares What You Had For Lunch Series of Posts we have had:

#1 If I Ruled the World

— Okay, yesterday I promised that I would participate in NaBloPoMo and post at least one post a day following Maggie Mason’s No One Cares What You Had… Lunch: Jerk Chicken Sandwich

#2 Fess Up

— Fess up?!? Really? I have to? Okay, as long as you promise not to tell anyone. I will tell you my dirty little secrets, my foodie failings and my… Lunch: way too many Lattes at Jet Fuel.

#3 Give Us Something
“Presents I’ll remember forever” In general, my favourite-est gifts
have come as packages in the mail, completely as a surprise, from one
of the many… Lunch: Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Spring Roll on noodle aka Bun. #11 Curate The Web aka NaBloMoPo Randomizer

Lane over at Pink Elephants has smartly come up with a NaBloMoPo
randomizer. It lets you get a quick sample of who’s participating and
what they are… Lunch: Reuben no sauerkraut

#21 Address the Public aka Giller Prize Founder Needs Our Short List (*)

Jack Rabinovitch’s remarks championing CanLit at the 2006 Giller Prize
ceremony left me a little shocked.  In a show of support for CanLit and
all the… Lunch: skipped.

#26* Share Your Expertise.

Have I told you my cool and cheap way of building my stash without
breaking the bank? For under $10 you can have 2-3 skeins of soft,
beautiful cotton… Lunch: skipped entirely

#29 Place Yourself Lurker’s map

— I’m checking out Platial.com – a tool which allows you to built
collaborative/community maps – for the possibility of offering mapped
locations on the… Lunch: St. Croix Burger

#66 Keeping Track aka Posting By Numbers

— Before you read this post, I just want to point out that I am aware I am totally dialing-in this post… Lunch: Rotini w/ sausage & garlic

#79 Say Cheese

— I worked hard to find a No One Cares What You Had For Lunch topic that would allow me to… Lunch: Smoked Meat Platter

#79 Say Cheese aka Food Writing

Sometimes the meal just isn’t pretty enough to photograph… so I start
writing with my food. And with my condiments. But I still wish my food
writing… Lunch: Orange Chicken Lunch Special ($6.99)

Ack – did that one twice.

#89 Inch Your Way There 50 Paces Project 

From November to January 2004/5 I lived my father’s life on a small
island in New Brunswick. I looked after the animals and waited for the
river to… Lunch: Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice

#91 Take Up Stalking aka Cool Things My Friends Are Doing

I’ve been remiss in highlighting the cool things my friends are doing,
so hold on tight we’ve got a wild set of events coming up: Events Fri
Nov.10 -…
Lunch: Spicy Peanut Chicken

#101 Cocktail Hour

— I’ve realized, in my post-wine haze, that Maggie missed a blogging
idea, one that is ripe with creativity. You’ve heard of drunk dialing,
haven’t you?…
Lunch: camomile tea & oranges

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