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Today’s pathetic dial-in NaBloMoPo post is brought to you by Commenting – it’s not just for spamming anymore.

Do you ever find that somedays your comments on other people’s posts are more inspired and interesting than anything you can dredge out of your brain for your own blog?  Well, today is definitely one of those days, so you will get my “inspiration” in tiny tiny little bites:

  • on QotD: I’ll Have Two Boxes, Please — Fudgee-Os are, by far, the best manufactured cookie in existence.  Anyone who says otherwise must have had some childhood tastebud trauma leaving them badly damaged and unable to appreciate the finer things in life.  So my friend, I’m very sorry for your loss.
    The next best thing to a Fudgee-O, should Fudgee-O be unavailable due to the good taste of your neighbours, is the President’s Choice Chocolate Chip Fudge Sandwichy cookie which is like a fudgee-o made out of the PC chocolate chocolate chip cookie.  Substitution-wise, it is acceptable.
    However, Oreos – which I point out also is a “stupid name that ends in “O” – blow.

  • on #0 What I Had For Lunch Today aka The Blue Cherry — It was real.  As to whether it was “edible” or not… well… I admit I’ve eaten some weird food in the past, but there was NO WAY in hell I was going to ingest that. It glowed.  I didn’t even touch it with the tip of my tongue to taste it.  I did however take it up to my friend’s hospital room to get better light for a photo shoot before pitching it in the trashcan down the hall.  I didn’t want it expiring and releasing noxious gas in her room.
  • on Echo recovers — re: Men’s Pocky – I just took a photo of a box of men’s pocky about an hour ago!  Coincidence?
  • on What’s That Smell? — aaa… did I tell you about the food poisining I got when working on the  first edition of CheapEats? My friends insisted we go to a chain restaurant for breakfast rather than to a place on the CheapEats list because they thought they might be dodgy for their kid.  I lost a week of work, and about 2 weeks of meals I was so sick.
  • on Men’s Pocky — Perhaps it’s because only men are bitter?
  • on Ice Cream Personality Test — I am proud to say Vanilla.  If done right it can be the most sensual experience, pure, heady and sensually overwhelming.  If done poorly, it’s still acceptably creamy without the artificiality of the flavour hitting you over the head saying “hey I’m fake!!  Taste the chemicals?!? I’m really chalky, waxy and nasty!  What a waste of cash.  I was made to disappoint – ha ha!”
  • on  Take My Books, Please. — er…um… do what?
    re: Rock Black – sadly I didn’t hear a thing. Based on the link you gave either you are the publisher or linked back to them, which means my suggest of contacting the publisher seems kind of moot.
    BTW – if you are the publisher, it’s kind of frowned upon in blogging circles to seed your title by  pretending to be looking for it. Other authors & publishers have actually offered to provide books to add to this list as a way to get their books blogged and linked to.
  • on geek of the day — And this, my friend, is why I wanted you blogging.  So even from a distance you can force me to think.
  • on #29 Place Yourself – Lurker’s mapvj – sorry about the delayed response – I’m on the road.  I’m not sure what is going on with the map, but the “easy” installation of the MapKit into my blog is being offset by the complaints from the vocal minority.  Platial isn’t really winning on this test is not really… but hey, that’s exactly why I did this.  To see if it was easy to use for me, and for readers. I’ll see if we can get it fixed when I get back to head office.
  • on  #79 Say Cheese
    — That ain’t blonde honey – that’s all natural, home-grown, waves of silver & grey. (Thus the previous whine about people treating me like I’m 60. argh.) But thanks!
  • on NaBloPoMo is tough … and reveals some disturbing things
    — Babe,  you are interesting! Besides, there was nothing in the rules of nablomopo that you had to be interesting. Lord knows I’d be doomed if there was. Especially in the last week when I’ve been dialing the posts in at 11:39pm after drinking too much wine out with one or many of my Ottawa colleagues. Geeze, I guess I’d better got on that before I’m in the same situation today. NaBloMoPostingly yours, lex
  • on Dirty Money
    Totally!  I think there is a book on tracking all the bills into and out of a Timmies in a day!  Donut Dollars – a Cultural Exposee.


By the way – 2 more of my favourite people (stampgeek & Venus) have jumped all over Vox.  If you are sitting at home sipping your coffee and surfing.  Please take a moment, drop in on them (they won’t mind) for a visit and to welcome stampgeek to the world of blogging, and Venus to the world of Vox.

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