In The Kitchen: 50 Things To Eat Before You Die

deconstructed clubI’ve just plunked my second post up on In The Kitchen. (yes, yes, I’m keen)

This time I’ve repurposed an earlier post which was inspired by June, who was inspired by Jeani to respond to the BBC’s reader’s poll of 50 Things to Eat Before You Die.

When I sent in my first post, the French Onion Soup recipe, Ben asked if I wanted to include a little more about me.  We all know how well that worked when I tried to pull together my bio, so  I decided instead to start slow and test the waters.  I saved the oversharing for post #2

Check it out and tell me how you scored.  I got 44/50.

Note: none of the items in the photo actually made the list. Not even the bacon.


Alexa Clark

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  • December 10, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    I was passing through and noticed that you don’t have any link to the Blogging Alliance of Non Partisan Canadians, or their blogroll code up. Are you still interested in remaining a member? I’d hate to lose you from the list.


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