50 Paces Is A GO

50 Paces Is A GO -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/lexnger/377734314/

I just got an update and it has gotten cold enough!!!   The river has frozen, and Dad is busy marking the path to shore with trees.

That means the 50 Paces Project  is going to be installed this year.  I’m working on a quick schedule and figuring out how to get the over 500 photos printed and ready to hang on the trees in this floating gallery.

Heads UP! If you have a photo you wanted to have in the show,  get it in now!  (tag it  the number of paces it is from your house in 50 Paces increments… eg.  This was taken "250 Paces" from my house.)

Woo HOO!

What do you think?