Harvesting Art

Back on the river today to fix my mistakes.

Yesterday I hung art on the 50paces tree -> the 500paces tree. Then I walked to the 1000paces tree and hung photos to the 550paces tree. Well almost. There are actually 21 trees meaning the last tree is the 1050 tree.  So as of this morning the 1050paces tree is all decked out in 1000paces photos. Crap!

So today I plucked photos from it’s branch before hanging the correct photos. Then I proceeded to harvest and re-hang nine more trees.
Meanwhile skidoos and ATVs zoomed up and down the river at breakneck speeds.

The weather played about ranging from a light snow wafting down to heavy snow and wind making the far shore vanish.

In the midst of this we had visitors to the gallery! In fact at one point there were 3 separate groups walking the path and checking out the photos. How cool is that?

[edited 02/27/07: to add tags, photo and fix spelling… damn I hate typing with my thumps.]

Alexa Clark

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