Phil the Frog on 50 Paces

And it was said that Sunday was a day of rest.  But not for us or Phil the Frog.

My last full day on the island started with a phone call from Cathy at the Gondola Point Grocery – over 20 people had dropped in asking how to get down to see the trees.

Her big, and valid, concern was the number of people who wanted to see the but were intimidated by the hill. 

Oh no, that ***ing hill!

It is steep, packed hard and slippery at the best of times.  Lord knows there are many times when I’m intimidated by that ***ing hill.  Since I had never considered that anyone would come to see the trees unless they were already on the river, I never considered the hill.

Cathy has been suggesting people try going to the Cameron Road and walk over to see the trees from there.  Luckily, John & Cathy don’t seem to mind all the questions.

Phil the Frog and other Visitors On The Path across the river

Seeing the 50 Paces Project on the River

Sandy & The Boys

We had a whack of visitors, including a group of 6 people who flagged me off the island for a “photo to put on flickr”. I’m not sure it’s kind to photograph someone who’s been walking 2000+ paces a day AND has been on an island with no running water for a week.  But I figured since I was sneaking along the cliff photographing them, it was only fair to let them take a snap or two of me.  Hopefully, we’ll never see those online.

Sandy, Mary Jo and Zara came to visit too.

Checking Out The 100 Paces Tree with Phil the Frog

Phil the Frog gets in on the action

On their way across the river, they met a man hanging a frog on the first/last tree… yes hanging a little stuffed frog on the tree and photographing it.

MJ On The Path

As it turns out he was taking a portrait of Phil the Frog, who has been crisscrossing the world since the turn of the century (aka 01-01-00) as part of [site no longer active].  Phil the Frog arrived in town Friday to visit local host (whose name we never caught – or shamefully forgot) for a week or two.  Phil’s host heard about the 50 Paces Project “had” to photograph Phil on the first and last trees on the path.

Phil The Frog @ 50 Paces

So he did AND got a photo of Phil on a dogsled too.

How cool is it when two wacky projects intersect?!?

We crossed the river again, but this time to the glen side, for a lovely dinner party with – a local historian and author.

Dinner? Cassoulet and Apple Pie w/ Calvados soaked raisins. Yum!

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  • February 27, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    More folks out yesterday on the ice looking at the artwork. Cathy at the Gondola Point Grocery store says some folks drive their cars right to the edge of the brink, the aforementioned “!@#$%^ hill”, assuming it is a pleasant roadway to the show. No one has gone over the edge. Yet. “Dropping in” would be the operative term then…
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