QotD: This Would Be Super

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?
Submitted by J.T.

I’ve struggled with this question before… but I think I have the perfect answer for me.  I would have the power to:

Instantly Implement Anything I’ve Thought Of.

For example, I’m lying in bed thinking my way through getting up, having a shower, getting dressed, making coffee and being ready to start my day… then I realize I actually have to do it.

Not with my new superpower.  If I thought it, I can make it done!

Another example, I’m thinking through the steps of implementing a blogging campaign, the details of sourcing the content, formatting it, posting it with delayed posting dates, and setting it up for the next 4 months of regular business posts. Then I realize, DAMN!  I’ve mentally walked through these steps at least 4 times before… why is it not done.

Add in my new superpower, and Kazaam – By My Holy Isis, it is done!

I love my new superpower.  It’s way better than my current superidentity – Can Complain About Anything Girl.

What do you think?