Best Day Ever

For those of you reading via RSS or email, posed an excellent question in the comments of yesterday's post.

Essentially he asked, and I paraphrase, what would be included in the Best Day of Your Life?

I'm pretty happy with the days life has dealt me so far and I expect
to continue stumbling upon Best Days on a regular basis.  The ones I
encounter in the future will likely be comprised of days filled with:

  • exploring far and interesting places,
  • encountering challenges and finding wicked and exciting solutions
  • me, my camera (maybe even a new digital SLR, [she crosses her fingers]) and lots of time,
  • sharing ideas, stories and life with people I love
  • meeting new, fun and interesting people,
  • roadtrips – eventful and uneventful
  • a deep and pervasive feeling of belonging.
  • beer, patios and silliness
  • cool new schemes and projects that come together shockingly easily

However, if I "could plan it" as suggested, I would definitely plan it to include the following:

A multi-course al fresco dinner on the island served on a long wooden
table overlooking the river.  Around the table would be a collection of smart, playful and interesting people
who laugh easily.


Big bowls of wonderful food, fresh bread, and salads straight from
the garden would appear at regular intervals.  Each course prepared by
a different group or person, so no one was working too hard or
stressing at all.

Monk's Hood

The meal would start early and go late into the evening. The monk's hood would be in bloom and the wind would
be gentle. I'd be barefoot.

The wine would be flowing.  Red wine that we could keep drinking and
savouring without getting more than mildly impared.

The music would start almost without being notice. RaspberriesFirst
someone would pick up a guitar and start strumming as the cheese tray
is prepared and the stars come out.  As people started pushing back
from the table, moving into their own digestive fugues, the singing
would begin and go late into the evening as people trickle off to their
own cottages, tents or sailboats to crawl into bed as the music in the
distance lulls them to sleep.

I've started the guest list. 

Alexa Clark

Alexa is a digital marketer and author with over 20 years in digital & interactive communications in the food and tech industries. Alexa's CheapEats Restaurant Guides, for both Toronto & Ottawa, were Canadian best sellers. She is a recognized authority on social media and has been named one of Canada's 20 Leading Women in Social Media.

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  • March 29, 2007 at 11:47 am

    [this is good] Set me a place, I’m already there in my mind.


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